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List of Presidents of Portugal, 1974-2010 1974-1976 Francisco da Costa Gomes

The corruption saga begins

1976-1986 Antonio Ramalho Eanes

A liar (told he was unware about what happened at the Casa Pia scandal). Looks like a muppet

1986-1996 Mario Soares - 3rd time

What a family: dad likes money and kids; daughter likes girls; son doesn't like girls but thinks that "diamond's are a girl best friend" and mum is a former third rate "actress" (sorry for the euphemism)

Now it is clear that Salazar was at least right once when he sent Mario Soares abroad

1996-2006 Jorge Sampaio

A puppet in the hands of relatives like:

-his psych-whatever brother that embarrassed him in a special interview in Expresso where their mum was unpolitely portrayed


2006-2010 Aníbal Cavaco Silva

Boring but honest and effective. At last... List of Prime Ministers of Portugal, 1974-2006

1974 Adelino da Palma Carlos

1974-1975 Vasco dos Santos Goncalves

1975-1976 Jose Pinheiro de Azevedo

1976-1978 Mario Soares - 1st time

1978 Alfredo Nobre da Costa

1978-1979 Carlos Mota Pinto

1979 Maria de Lurdes Pintassilgo

1980 Francisco de Sa Carneiro

Distated Francisco Pinto Balsemao. Paid with his life 25 yrs ago (4th December 1980) framed by the CIA, Soares and Balsemão

1980-1983 Francisco Pinto Balsemao

Bildeberg scout like Romano Prodi and Kissinger. Think about Berlusconi - a zillion times worse

1983-1985 Mario Soares - 2nd time

1985-1995 Anibal Cavaco Silva


Antonio Guterres ran cowardly away and made possible that

Durão Barroso (even her wife thinks he's a jerk and prefers

Pedro Santana Lopes - nice chap but coke eroded his cortex a bit). Then

Socrates, a courageous bissexual that president's brother

Dani(el) Sampaio notorious for his smooth, androgynous and empty words

with a gay touch that insult homosexuals rights impeded Socrates of getting

out of the closet before the last National Assembly sufrage.

The president's brother acted shamefully

as a pseudo-neuromarketeer for the Socialist Party.

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