Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Funding a revolution, Camarate and Other Nasty Things

Back in those days American foreign policies interfered throughout the world not only in South America (i.e. Allende in Chile - 1973) but also in European countries like Portugal administrator at the time of countries like Angola, Portuguese Guinea and Mozambique. This type of hideous work resulted from the brain activity of animals like Edgar G. Hoover and the operational support of Institutions like the FBI and the CIA. Vidé Frank Carlucci and his work in Portugal in 1974/1975 where disguised as an American ambassador worked up with dubious men like Mario Soares and Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho ways to: i) annihilate the so-called communist threat; ii) maintain the secrecy of what truly happened in those countries during the Portuguese colonial war (1962/1975); iii) create the right atmosphere to trade arms even if, in the case of Angola, the cost in human lives of 30 yrs of war was incredible. The war in Angola ends with the slaughter of a cold-blooded assassin named Jonas Savimbi with whom the Soares's family maintained a close connection sometimes revealed by comic episodes like the son of Mario Soares (Joao Soares) inside a chopper that "landed" not so well in the province of Huambo in Angola (a region prolific in diamonds). The lack of shame is so great that in the 1st edition (1997) of the "Golden Globes" (under the responsibility the Pinto Balsemão, now media mogul, former independent depute of The National Assembly and former Prime Minister of Portugal after the Camarate affair). Mario Soares hands to Director of CIA Frank Carlucci The Golden Globe for the foreign individual. Funny thing that after all these years of corruption, misery, war and tears seldom someone wonders about relevant questions like: Who strategically planned the "coup d'Etát"? How was the "coup" paid? What truly happened in Camarate? Where was Otelo, when Vasco Gonçalves needed him, in the hot summer of 1975? The Portuguese "massonnerie" (composed by different "cells" that, when too big, generate a new "cell") not satisfied with the killing of a Portuguese King (Carbonaria “cell” responsibility) generates the ”Grande Oriente Lusitano” (GOL) having 13 founding fathers (Mario Soares and 12 others) located in “Bairro Alto” and also named “Grémio Lusitano”. Nowadays, having grown to 36 members, pressure is felt creating a situation that precludes a dissident group – a new “cell”. They should know that 33 is also an important and symbolic figure. It was the GOL that designed the 25th of April of 1974 with money robbed by regime officers from the “saco azul ultramarino“ – blue ultramarine/african bag that existed to fund military operations. Spinola (connected to Mario Soares by his nephew) behaves shamefully receiving political power from the hands of Professor Marcelo Caetano that was trying a change within the regime later designated by Marcelist Spring. The Americans gave the ideas and Mario Soares executed. With old-regime money of course. Even Otelo, marked by his Shakespearean name, theatrically is unreachable the day he was needed to protect Vasco Gonçalves (another designed “coup” during de hot summer of 1975 that ousts not only Vasco but permits that The Communist Party turns to what was and still are called non-democratic political forces). The homicide of Adelino Amaro da Costa is mandatory when he discovers classified docs related to the ultramarine blue bag. Along with him go Francisco de Sá Carneiro and Snu Abecassis. Francisco de Sá Carneiro, a small man but “troppo” charismatic was indeed a rare personality. A Man of State. He was capable not only to overcome the strict rules of his educators (do you remember his “No thanks Your Majesty” when Snu, a well-educated suede, didn’t fit in a meeting between the two?) but to confront with his nerve, personal heuristics, soul and intellectual strength chaos generators like Mário Soares and Pals. The Portuguese People dispersed trough centuries all over the world but mainly stationed in Portugal and some African countries was and is a noble group albeit a bit blind permitting that D. Sebastião, stil expected, already arrived, was baptised Francisco de Sá Carneiro and killed in a treacherous way by “Mario Soares Enterprises”. Do you recall that Mario Soares was supposed to give is testimony about Camarate? Well, he didn’t. In the name of all the Children, Women and Men that dyed and suffered along this horribillis and endless journey I here post this truth.

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